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There are six pages of pictures! The first three have pretty bad lighting since they were taken
in the field house, but the last three are the nice ones from outside :-)


Okay, since some people have complained about my handwriting, I'm including typed captions!!!
Title: Roberto in hollowback headstand
Top Left: Emily evading a bencao from Roberto; Bret about to buy the game
Top Right: Roberto doing a suicidio over Bret
Bottom Left: Roberto and Bret playing
Bottom Right: Bret, Roberto, Phil


Top Left: Me, Bret, and Phil in escorpiao... notice how Phil's the only one looking at the camera; Bret and I are busy contemplating the floor
Top Right: the scene two seconds after the previous pic was taken :-p
Mid Left: Roberto's au batido
Mid Right: Roberto using the escorpiao while playing Bret
Bottom Left: Bret and Roberto doing hollowback aus
Bottom Middle: Phil and Roberto doing... something
Bottom Right: capoeira meditation! ...what, you can't stand on just your head for hours?


Top Left: Phil, Roberto, and Bret
Top Right: Roberto, Phil, and Bret, in kind of a neat hollowback pic
Mid Left: Bret, Roberto, Phil... we were really desperate to use up the last pictures on my camera at this point...
Mid Right: this picture's funny! :-p Roberto doing a bridge over Phil's, and showcasing the classic upside-down smile
Bottom: capoeira class doesn't end until we look like this


Top Left: Phil's flying squirrel au batido
Top Right: me and Carlos doing headstands
Middle Left: me doing escorpiao, looks like I'm kissing the ground
Middle Mid: my parafuso!!! I love this picture!
Middle Right: Roberto's backflip
Lower Left: Phil's back handspring - check out the bend in this kid's back! Ridiculous!
Lower Right: Roberto parafuso-ing over Phil
The Very Bottom Left: Phil au-ing, making a face, and inviting a kick or cabecada from me!
Bottom Right: Roberto and Phil


Top Left: crazy pic of Roberto in the middle of a meia lua reversao
Top Right: okay, so I'm short. means I can dodge kicks more easily! ;-)
Mid Left: Roberto's mariposa - nice height!
Mid Right: my au batido
Bottom Left Corner: my au sem mao
Bottom Right Corner: I love this picture!! Phil's and Roberto's bookend au batidos over me in a bridge.
...the other three random little pictures are of Roberto's backflip, Phil at the end of a back handspring, and me mid-au


Top Left: this is an awesome picture!!! Roberto doing parafuso over Phil's macaco
Top Right: Phil leapfrogging over Roberto
Mid Left: Roberto diving through my queda de rins
Mid Middle: Phil dodging Roberto's kick
Mid Right: Phil and Roberto
Lower Left: me and Roberto
Lower Right: I like this pic too :-) me in an au, Phil about to S-dobrado