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Penal Code of the Brazilian Republic

Penal Code of the Republic of the United States of Brazil

(Decree number 847, from October 11th of 1890)

Chapter XII – On Vagrants and Capoeiristas


Article 402. To do in the streets and public squares exercises of agility and corporeal skill known by the denomination Capoeiragem; to walk in rows, with weapons or instruments capable of producing bodily injury, provoking trouble or disorder, threatening certain or uncertain people, or incurring fear something bad happening.

Penalty: prison cell from 2 (two) to 6 (six) months. The penalty is that of article 96.


Special case. It is considered an aggravating circumstance for the capoeirista to belong to a band or gang. For bosses or heads of these, the penalty is doubled.


Article 403. In the case of a repeat incident, the penalty of article 400 will be applied in the maximum degree to the capoeirista.


Special case. If the capoeirista is a foreigner, he will be deported after completing the penalty.


Article 404. If in these exercises of capoeiragem someone perpetuates a homicide, causes a bodily injury, offends public and private decency, disturbs the public order, tranquility or safety, or is found with weapons, he will incur cumulatively the penalties commanded for such crimes.