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Juliane's Boy



A. A. Dec‚nio Filho

Translation by Shayna McHugh


Juliane’s message is beautiful!


“Hello! I really liked your page, and I’d like to congratulate you.

I would also like you to say that in Juiz de Fora (state of Minas Gerais) the capoeira group Oficina da Capoeiragem is doing awesome work with capoeira, with the direction of mestre Ray and professor Kamuanga.

I would also like to say and to send an idea to all the other capoeiristas:


“Yesterday, on February 26, 2000, I saw an example of strength of will for everyone, mainly capoeiristas. A wheelchair-bound boy, with mental problems, entering and playing in a batizado.

He did not stand up, he did not kick, he did neither au nor mortal, but he protected himself with his hand in front of the face and almost did not move his feet…

Well, he made many people cry when he said:


“In capoeira no one can have prejudice

In that roda there was no one like him,

But also there was no one different.”


And after everything that I saw and experienced, it gave me more will to play and one day to play an “iuna” (roda for graduated students). I know that I am lacking much, because I am 14 years old and on the white cord, but one day, I have faith in GOD and in BIMBA, that I will achieve it. Please speak at least of the boy, because that is truth and a lesson of life.


Juliane S. Machado (from the family of Bimba)

Juiz de Fora/Minas Gerais

Oficina da Capoeira




This clearly demonstrates the euphoria, the state of complete happiness that the practice of capoeira provokes in all of us; the changing of the level of consciousness, the modified state of consciousness that the rhythm-melody ijexŠ provokes and which can and should be used as therapy.


Little girl Juliana,

May God entrust to you

The gift of loving one’s neighbor

The humility of seeing the finger of the Lord in everything!

You were already born a capoeirista by the law of God!

One day you will be graduated by the law of Men

You will play your “Iuna” in the Roda of Life

With the aplomb of the Mestra that lives in You!


Axť BabŠ!