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E-mail from Dani received on October 28th, 2002

Formatting/editing AADF

Translation by Shayna McHugh



I adored that ironic criticism of the cheap euphemism of calling blacks people “of color.” What is so wrong with being black that makes us want to avoid calling someone black? To avoid calling someone black shows that we consider “being black” a defect, an offensive characteristic, and because of this, it should avoid being said in order to not “offend”… What prejudice! I inform you of just one detail that has been stuck in my throat that for a long time, for the good of all and the general happiness of the nation:


RACE does not exist among human beings! Race is a biological specification for (and only for) irrational animals. In other words, humans (we) are not distinguished by race. There was no historical, geographical, genetic, temporal, or evolutionary distinction that allowed the differentiation of humans into different species. That which genetically differentiates a Nordic person from a black person of the Congo is so insignificant that it can be much less than the difference between individuals of the same color.


The only distinction that is seen, in some cases, is the cultural difference. Normally, when there is a spatial grouping of individuals of the same color (or any other characteristics) there exists there a specific culture that comprises various traces besides color, like folklore, musicality, food, language, religion, etc…


That “collection of phenotypic and cultural characteristics” (phenotype = physical appearance), we give the name of ETHNICITY.


Therefore, if you want to refer to a person who is black or white or yellow, indigenous, etc… refer not to race, but instead, if it is the case, to ethnicity.


Example: “…in Brazil there exists an ethnic (instead of a “racial”) conflict…” etc…


It is very common to see the black movement itself refer to a “valorization of the black RACE.”


It is a shame that they themselves are calling themselves by a supposed biological subgroup that does not exist. They end up being prejudiced without knowing or wanting to be.


It is the same way when they say “preto (black) is color, negro (black) is race”… it’s sad, they err twice! That phrase is totally ridiculous. Black is a color, yes. But what is the color of their skin? Black! What a surprise! If a white person can be called a white without constraint/embarrassment, why can’t a black person? And “negro” is not a race, in the best of the hypotheses, it is only one of the characteristics, which when added to others, forms an ethnicity.


In Brazil it is difficult to make out this differentiation, since:

In our country there is no significant cultural distinction

That differentiates whites and blacks in different ethnicities.


Generally, we all share the same culture, by which we are all equal.


People, this is only a hint, ok?


Listen if you want.



African Poem

My dear brothers

When I was born I was black

Now I’m grown up and I’m black

When I get some sun, I stay black

When I’m cold I stay black

When I’m scared I stay black

When I’m sick I stay black

When I die I will stay black.

And you the white man,

When you are born you are pink

When you grow up you are white

When you get some sun, you become red

When you feel cold you become purple

When you feel fear you become green

When you’re sick you become yellow

When you die you become gray

And you still have the nerve

To call me a “person of color”?