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About Me


Name: Shayna
Capoeira Name: Being a wandering capoeirista, I've never been given one that has really stuck... currently, however, thanks to Instructor Carcará I'm becoming known as Raposa (Fox) - because 1) My face turns bright red when I play; and 2) I have this slick way of moving around on the ground in the roda.


Groups I've trained with:
(Roberto Andrade, Clinton-NY, USA)
(Professor Ubaldo, Danbury-CT, USA)
Grupo União
(Mestre Marrom, Fortaleza-CE, BR)
(Mestre Valmir, Salvador-BA, BR)
(Mestre Dinho, Salvador-BA, BR)
(Graduado Cigano, Sobral-CE, BR)
Capoeira Meia Lua
(Mestre Gajé, Salvador-BA, BR)
I've also visited Cordão de Ouro, Associação Brasileira de Capoeira Angola, Associação de Capoeira Mestre Bimba, Ginga Brasileira, Canto do Galo, Capoeira Mandinga, Grupo Ondas, Capoeira Escola, Grupo de Capoeira Sete Quedas and others...
Height: TALL. I am a giant among women. People are frequently intimidated by my imposing presence due to my towering stature.
Weight: 135-ish
Started Capoeira: September 2001
Favorite Kicks: armada and meia lua de compasso
Favorite Dodges/Ground Movements: esquiva baixa and queda de rins
Favorite Combinations: anything cool and fluid that involves a fake or change of direction
Favorite Floreios: au sem mão, pião de mão, and now the back handspring... when I can get it to work!
Least Favorite Move: MACACO
I'm good at: strength-based moves such as headstands and queda de rins; explosive moves which I'm comfortable with such as headsprings; playing close to the ground
I'm bad at:  moves which require back flexibility such as macaco and caracol; getting my Regional game to be less sloppy; playing for a long time without getting slow and worn out
Favorite Snapple Flavor: Lime Green Tea
Academic/Career Goals: well, I'm majoring in chemistry, and if I can find a way to go to grad school and have it completely paid for, I'll get a PhD, become the head of major research projects, and find a cure for cancer. If that doesn't work out, maybe I'll join the circus.
Other Interests/Hobbies/Obsessions: soccer, figure skating, volleyball, tennis, ping-pong, bowling, hiking, piano, writing poetry, drawing, reading, calligraphy, juggling, cheering on the New York Yankees, procrastinating, wreaking havoc and causing general mayhem.