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Disclaimer: Only try these moves if you are a capoeirista and you somewhat know what you're doing. Don't hurt yourself. I am not responsible for your injuries.  

Online Resources:
CapuraGinga's Movement Videos - Scroll down on this page for clips of basics, defenses, basic kicks, and more - Database of info, pictures, and animations of basics, kicks, takedowns, defenses, acrobatics, and fakes - Scroll down for the 8 seqüências of Mestre Bimba
These are some exercises, combinations, and drills that we've worked on in class at one time or another. Perhaps they will be useful to your training. If you have suggestions for exercises or combinations that should be included in this section,
e-mail me!

General exercises

Ginga Exercises

Basic Combinations

Handstand and Headstand Exercises

Aú Exercises

Queda de Rins Exercises

Aú Batido Exercises

Cabeçada Exercises

S-dobrado Exercises

Pião de mão (handspin) exercises

Macaco Exercises

Aú Sem Mão Exercises

Back Exercises