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Samplers from the Hamilton Club:

Links to some other online video clips of capoeira:

Capoeira Angola Colorado - clips of capoeira Angola
T.A.B.C.A.T. Columbus - more clips of capoeira Angola rodas
OzCapoeira - floreios and rodas from GCB Australia
Princeton Capoeira - some sweet clips in the Media section
Capoeira Israel - a ton of movies from Mandinga-Cordao de Ouro Israel. I love their style.
Mazedude's capoeira videos - capoeira samplers and stunt demos from Capoeira L.A.
Beribazu Capoeira Cafe - nice selection of movies; register to download.
Capoeira Uniao London - the Yamaha ad is hilarious!
Capoeira Sul da Bahia - capoeira and maculele
ABADA NYC - Prof. Carioca - games, maculele, performances, and the Nike commercial
Capoeira Japan - rodas, promotional videos, and movements
Itapua Beriamar Performance - WHOA!!! an hour-long performance by Itapua Beriamar (son of Nestor Capoeira)
CapuraGinga - video galleries
Capoeira Norway - a couple of Bimba's sequences, and games
Style2ouf - videos of capoeira, breakdancing, and acrobatics