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Fun Stuff


Au batido in the comics! :-p

Capoeira Fighter Video Game! - play the online demo or buy the full version
Only the Strong - a very cheesy movie featuring capoeira. DVD recently released, available at - martial arts stunt team in California with some capoeira-flavored action in their short films

You know you're capoeira-crazy when...
To see the 200 posts on this topic from which this list was taken, click here! have to do laundry twice as often because you've been playing every day and you keep running out of clean pants

...sometimes you just get this urge to be upside down sing in the shower in Portuguese

...instead of doing the required reading for organic chem, you decide to read Mestre Acordeon's book - for the third time this week occasionally watch TV from a queda de rins or headstand

...People stare at you on the street for playing the "air berimbau." decide that au au batido is the proper response to a handshake

...your pet lizards are named Bimba, Pastinha and Pandeiro have taught one of the aforementioned lizards to do a rabo de arria with his legs and tail

...anytime you see axe you automatically assume they meant axe` have memorized the lines to "Only the Strong." start doing Ginga in the car while driving

...instead of taking physics notes, you are drawing little figures doing aus and meia lua de compassos

...any time you encounter a reflective surface, you start doing moves to check your technique

...your figure skating coach yells at you because you're leaning forward all the time (habit from the ginga)

...whenever theres an empty dance floor at a club it somehow magically turns into your own personal roda

...every time you fall, you recover in a negativa and right yourself in a role. find about a hundred batques and arames in your pocket but not your keys, wallet or pen

...your favorite colors are those that coincidently be found on the Brazilian flag walk around bare-foot to "Toughen up your feet hear Mark Dacascos say the line "this time, I don't play" and you start laughing no matter how many thousands of times you've heard it. (and this applies to anyone doing the imitation as well!)

...your first impulse when walking down a hall is do so on your hands knock on someone's door, who you don't know, and ask them if you can take some branches from their tree prunings to make berimbaus out of paint your toenails with Brazilian flags

...Everytime you see a Mazda comercial you feel compelled to complete the line with "...Capoeira mata um!!!" have your mother in law trying to fall into queida de rins (and throws her back out and blames you) one wants to shake your hand more then once...(gotta learn to stop those compassos)

...your essays seem to tie capoeira in SOMEWHERE know more about Brazil then your mother country. constantly check to see if the white pants a random person on the street is wearing are capoeira pants. bencao the traffic light walking button, even if there are lots of people around (trust me, most are at a good height!) start every sentence with "this one time... at capoeira..." call all of your friends "CAMARA" try to convince your mom to come and play in the roda find yourself doing the ginga while playing with the neighbor's dog

...Every article of clothing you buy generates the question, "Can I play capoeira in this?"

...Nobody else in the elevator?--Au Batido!!! most of your photographs, youre upside down

...Now you know why babies love rattles--they're caxixis!

...all your hard drive space is used up because all of the capoeira pics and videos are painting a wall and your free arm is up protecting your face overextend your knee doing an au sem mao and can't walk without pain, and "oh, good, now I'll get a chance to practice walking on my hands" is what goes through your head yell at other drivers on the road in Portuguese hard drive at work crashes. I don't have any of the work data from the last three months backed up because I've been on the road. But I did make sure to get all the Capoeira mp3's/related material backed up beforehand

...your cat starts to do the Ginga with you

...while studying, you take frequent "5-minute berimbau breaks" which always seem to turn into an hour can remove everything you have in all your pockets in one movement chew to the beat of the berimbau quote mestres in school figure going to a roda is a suitable place for a first date.