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Thoughts and Perspectives
Perspectivas Na Malícia - Research project I did in Brazil
Learning Capoeira - Answers from capoeiristas around the world to the question, "what makes a good student of capoeira?"

Visiting Grupo Ondas - All about my visit to Tigri's group in Rhode Island

Thoughts of a Ronin Capoeirista - who is my mestre, anyway?

Angola vs. Regional - some of my thoughts on the divide between the styles


Training Journal


2004 - Visiting Grupo Esporão and Ginga Brasileira; re-adjusting to Hamilton Capoeira after training in Brazil

2003 - More performances, visiting Canto do Galo, the International Capoeira Angola Foundation, and attending Capoeira Mandinga's summer camp. Working a lot on the back handspring and buying my first berimbau.

2002 - More gaming experience, my first time at a real capoeira event (Grupo Capoeira Brasil in NY), our capoeira club's first performance, and getting the aú batido, headspring, and escorpião.

2001 - My first encounter with capoeira and humble beginnings: struggling with the aú and overthinking in the roda.

Why I Love Capoeira - Top ten reasons

Goals - My goals in capoeira and my progress in achieving them

Frustrations - The elements of capoeira that frustrate me and how I deal with them