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Most recent pictures are at the top:
Brazil 2005 - Pictures from our trip to Salvador, Bahia!
Monsoon Capoeira! - just another rainy Saturday
More Brazil Pics - round two of Brazil pictures - from Salvador!
Brazil pics - round one of pictures from Brazil!
Carnaval '04 - from the performance I missed :-(  but still a good one!
February '04 Pictures - including underwear on the outside day!
Winter '03 Pictures - pics of the last class before winter break, courtesy of Nancy
CCC Weekend Pics! - the crafty capoeira chicks perform capoeira in sub-zero temperatures
Family Weekend 2003 - pictures from Andrew's camera
That's Gay 2003 - Tropical Sol and Capoeira performance
Fall '03 Pictures - new members! new moves! new pants! check out the new pictures!
Carnival Pictures! - 19 pictures from our Carnival performance in Feb. 2003
More Winter 2003 Pictures - pictures from my camera
Winter 2003 Pictures - about 25 pictures of moves and games from Matt's digital camera
Spring 2002 Pictures - six pages of pictures from April and May 2002