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Capoeira Journal - October '01


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Why I Love Capoeira


We paired up and did the five-kick sequence back and forth across the mat. Roberto turned it into a competition to see who got too dizzy or tired to continue first. I was paired with Roberto himself, and we just tore through multiple sequences (I was determined to beat him), going faster and faster until HE stopped first. He claimed he had a sore ankle from the hiking trip. Whatever. I win!


Capoeira at 3:00 was so cool! I did the front flip!!! Just once, I managed to refrain from putting my left hand down [note: and I haven't been able to do it since! Well, only a few times anyway; I can't get it consistent]. We played a few games which I think I did well in. I'm improving, at least. Then after class I learned the s-dobrado. We did a cool macaco sequence and au sequence.


In capoeira class we did front handspring-macaco. It's annoying because by good side front handspring leads to my bad side macaco, and if I want to be in position for my good side macaco, I have to do my bad side front handspring.


I really didn't feel like going to capoeira today but I'm glad I did. I got the au de costas on my right side! Roberto's training us in the back handspring. I'm trying it diagonally, throwing my hands over one shoulder rather than straight back. Phil picks things up so quickly; he's almost got it.


Again I'm reluctant to go to capoeira because I haven't practiced at all since last class.


Woohoo! I'm so glad I went to capoeira! I had a few good front flips, and I think my au and macaco technique is improving. Roberto said my parafuso to the right looked really good. We also played a game which I think I did well in. I'm getting better at just going with the flow and not thinking too much. There are some very neat fakes that we're going to learn next class!


Capoeira today was pretty good. We mostly worked on acrobatics, which I don't like too much. I'd totally go for the Angola style. But then again I do like macaco em pe and au sem mao and some other flippy things, and I'm so bad at doing macacos and aus slowly. Accomplishments today include the roundoff and some good front handsprings. I felt really slow since Phil and Ben could both do front handsprings so Roberto was moving them on to more advanced stuff like off your knuckles or a hand and an elbow, and I was still trying to get the regular one down.