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Ginga Exercises

Ginga Exercises
 - Ginga forward and back
 - Ginga with a quarter turn when you step back in base
 - Touch the ground in the middle of the ginga
 - Hop back and forth from leg to leg
 - Take an extra side-skip to the side during the ginga
 - Be expressive and creative with your torso and arms
 - Fake entradas to kicks, then go back to the ginga
 - Ginga baixa (low ginga)
 - Ginga w/rolé alto or caracol to practice moving around another person
 - With a partner, ginga and move around each other, adding lots of variation and movement to make your ginga less predictable
 - Put a bunch of capoeiristas in a small space and try to move around each other without colliding, using the ginga and other creative steps
 - Make sure every move you do can flows seamlessly in and out of the ginga