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Handstand and Headstand Exercises

Handstand/Headstand Exercises
 - Handstand walking: forward ("pulling"), backward ("pushing") and sideways. Helps to do the sideways walking against a wall at first
 - Handstand pushups: again, a wall is helpful for balance
 - Go from a handstand to a headstand (lower yourself slowly, don't just drop), and back up again (kick your legs)
 - Headstand crunches: in a headstand, keep your legs straight, bend at the waist, and lower your legs so your feet are just above the ground, then slowly pull them back up again. Try this also lowering your legs not directly in front of you, but off to one side. Also, try kicking your legs back and forth and twisting them around while in a headstand
 - Just try to hold a handstand or headstand for as long as you can
 - Put your hands on the ground, hop your legs a little bit, and use your abs to pull them up into a handstand
 - Drop from a handstand into a handstand on your elbows/forearms
 - Go up into a handstand, then pick up one hand (shift your weight to the other so you can balance), then put the first hand down and pick up the other one, and repeat. Gets you used to balancing on one hand.
 - Try to stand on one hand
 - Hop on your hands (kicking your legs up at the moment you hop is helpful)
 - Stretch your legs into a pike position
 - Bring your knees to your chest
 - Kick your legs forward and back, and twist your hips side to side
 - Hollowback it by pushing your hips forward and letting your legs go behind you
 - Fall from a handstand to a bridge; kick from a bridge up into a handstand
 - Fall from a handstand to a queda de rins
 - From a handstand, do a handspring
 - Go from a handstand to an aś batido, or vice versa