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A Exercises

A exercises

 - Stop the a in a handstand, or a up, stop it, and come back down in the same direction
 - Place your hands on the ground and a first in one direction, then the other, leaving your hands on the ground the whole time 
 - Do small, protected as, with your legs tucked, knees drawn in to your chest
 - A and do a small pushup in the middle of it (while you're in the handstand)
 - A and do a small hop in the middle of it 
 - A in a circle around an object: trains you to circle the other player, and continue to look at them
 - Throw the a as a kick, with your legs out in front of you rather than straight up. This generates a lot of angular momentum, so it can be helpful to spin at the end after you land
 - A directly into a negativa - rol
 - Role into an a
 - Beno and then bring the kicking foot back and kick it up into an a without touching it down
 - Do an armada to, for example, the left, then sweep your leg back and up at the end of it and a to the right
 - A up and then "rock" back and forth, shifting weight from hand to hand, and picking up the hand without the weight on it. Terrific for developing control in the a and while upside down
 - A de cabeca: do an a with your head on the ground
 - A giratoria: spin during the a
 - A de frente: twist your body 1/4 turn mid-a so that you end facing forward in your direction of motion (opposite of a roundoff)
 - A de costas: let your hand go down behind you and fall backwards into an a