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Aś Batido Exercises

Au Batido Exercises/Combinations
 - Tool to learn this move: aś batido while holding onto a partner's hand. i.e. you grasp their right hand with yours, and do an aś batido to the left (careful not to kick them!)
 - "Tucked" aś batido - batido using only your knee; don't do the full kick (also helpful in learning the move)
 - Esquiva + aś batido
 - Aś + aś batido (same direction); aś batido-aś
 - Quiexada, armada, or any spinning kick, then continue the spin and do an AB
 - Try to grab your leg and hold the pose in the middle of an AB
 - AB, then switch and do an AB on the other side
 - Two kinds of aś batido:
     - The kind where you go up with your knee bent and then do sort of a snap kick in front of you (picture of me on this page)
     - The kind where you go up with your knee straight and your leg "swings" up towards your head (picture of me on this page)
 - S-dobrado into AB (really have to get your hips up in the s-dobrado)
 - AB into s-dobrado
 - AB while resting on your forearm, not standing on your hand
 - Handspin into AB (challenging)