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The Joy Page!

The list these came from is well over 200 long. I'll add as I feel led :)

  • having such a great family. My mom knows me better than almost anyone, and I can talk to her for hours about anything. My dad is my biggest fan, who gives me deeeaddy-advice and is full of surprises. Both my parents are examples to me of kindness, generosity, wisdom, and love for God and for others. Last but not least, my endlessly joyful brother, with whom I love playing pool, tennis, ping-pong, and frisbee and just hanging out. This brief entry cannot convey the joy they give me, or go into my extended family which is awesome too... I love you guys!

  • the taste of strawberries is a piece of heaven. Anyone who gives me strawberries is a friend for life, so Jason, you're my new favorite person!

  • when I help someone with math/chem/physics and they understand it afterwards - there's nothing more satisfying than to know your help did some good.

  • waking up to the chirping of the baby birds in my air conditioner  :-)

  • an A from Mr. Bair - you know it's deserved. When I got an A+ from him on a sonnet I wrote, I was so happy I thought I would burst!

  • watching my brother hit a single, then steal second and third

  • skating: high, soaring waltz jumps; the rush I get every time I land an axel, the satisfaction of a well-centered spin, the feeling of a solid pick-in on a flip takeoff which gets you a solid two feet of air, how cool a successful pancake spin looks, the simple freedom of the ice.

  • soccer: slide tackling someone when they least expect it, faking out a defender, perfect placement on my corners, being taken out of the game because I scored 4 goals and am being unmerciful on the other team, diving headers, reading the minds of my mids and other forwards, playing slightly dirty, the adrenaline rush of a game... man there's a lot to love here.

  • who needs alcohol when you've got shots of honey?

  • David's scarily good intuition: this kid's solving difficult limit problems, demanding more, and envisioning projectional geometry - in 8th grade.

  • the way the walk back from the field house to my dorm is just long enough to cool me down after capoeira, but not so long that I get cold.

  • finishing a work of art or piece of writing: when you've done the final bits of shading, revised for the last time, and the work is as good as it can be, so you can just stand back and admire it.

  • rainbows. Have you ever really looked at one and stopped to admire the beauty of the colors?

  • reading a book so good it makes your heart pound, and you literally can't tear yourself away.

  • piano: playing awesome fugues, one-handed music (nothing is cooler than having someone compliment you on the song you just played, and then saying "oh by the way, I did that with one hand!"), modulations and key changes so beautiful as to bring tears to the eyes.

  • the satisfaction of working hard on a capoeira or skating move and finally getting it - when the key turns in the lock, something "clicks," and you are able to do it.

  • the way playing capoeira can get my mind off my worries; make me feel like a young tiger, lithe, agile, and powerful.

  •  the way watching really good capoeiristas play is so mesmerizing, and humbling because I realize how much I have to learn, but inspiring at the same time.

  • good relationships with professors, leading to the halo effect: if you show yourself to be an eager, responsible student, you'll be granted more favors and can get away with more (within reason).

  • solving a difficult chem or physics problem, one you've worked on for 40 minutes and then you find the missing piece to complete the puzzle.

  • that feeling when you leave the chem building after finishing - and acing - your last final!

  • lying out in a field at 5 AM, nothing but the sound of my breathing disturbing the still, cool air; watching a meteor shower. If you didn't see the Leonids this year, you missed out!

  • the little things: warm clothes out of the dryer in the winter, the tinkling of glass breaking when I throw a pipet in the broken glass container, working with liquid nitrogen and playing with dry ice, catching frogs, green tea, feeling real rabbit fur,  getting mail, the red trees along Martin's Way, my Yankees teddy bear, eating sunflower seeds, drinking out of Erlenmeyer flasks...