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6/19/04 - Upcoming Updates
Oi gente, sorry I didn't really get the chance to update while in Brazil. I was so busy with training and studying I simply didn't get the chance. However, I just put up some pictures, and forthcoming updates include videos (provided I have the webspace), a whole lotta new journal entries, and my research project on malicia, once I get it translated into English. This will all be taking place over the next 6 months probably. Stay tuned...
2/1/04 - revision
I changed the toolbar and rearranged some of the sections of the site. I'm not done yet. The Instruments section is still in the process of being written, and a "Masters" section is in the works, with info on Bimba, Pastinha, and others. Any other suggestions for the site, let me know. Also, a few new pictures are up.
1/11/04 - fixing up some little things
CCC pictures are up! Also made a couple little changes to the site, added an exercise or two, got rid of some outdated links, etc. Some cool news, this site is ranked #11 or so on's links list! Also,, the site of Grupo Capoeira Brasil in Australia with tons of pictures and videos, has added me to their links page - sweetness.
10/18/03 - added maculele section
Contains a description of and short history of maculele, lyrics, and links to some video clips
4/22/03 - updated/expanded Exercises section
I rearranged the exercises section and added a bunch more little combinations and stuff.
4/12/03 - Art section!

I created a new page called "Art" and put up two of my capoeira drawings. More to come, eventually... there's also a Guest Pictures section, so if you have capoeira artwork you'd like displayed on the site, email a scanned copy (JPG format preferably, but not necessary) to me.

4/1/03 - more videos!
Thanks to Andrew, we have a bunch more videos of our group members doing various moves during training... including the infamous Shacaco. Go to the "videos" section and check them out!
3/2/03 - first part of the Carnival video is up!!!
Check out the "Videos" section to finally see a video of our group performing!
2/27/03 - yet MORE pictures!
Finally got my film developed, and the photos are up in the "pictures" section - which I made one page with links to the 4 (so far) sections.
2/24/03 - Carnival pictures are up!!
...and less than 30 hours after the performance, too. That has to be a record. There's a possibility of the video being up sometime... but for now enjoy the pictures!
2/13/03 - I finally have a capoeira name :-)
Arpão de cabeça... check out the entry in Winter '02-'03 for the story!
2/4/03 - lots and lots of new pictures!
Thanks to Matt and his digital camera, we have a ton of beautiful new pictures!
1/11/03 - Reorganization!!!
I decided the site seemed a little tough to navigate; there were too many pages on the sidebar, so I tried to reorganize and condense things. Everything's here, it just might be under a different category...
1/5/03 - new section
I posted a question on the message board: what makes a good student of capoeira? The answers I received are up under the section entitled "learning."
12/11/02 - berimbau section is up!!!
My physics paper on the berimbau is finally done and on the site, so be sure to check it out! I also added a page of my favorite completions of the sentence "you know you're capoeira-crazy when..." - some of them are absolutely hilarious, and I'm sure you all can identify...
The link for this site is posted in's list of links, and I'm in like the top 30! woohoo! If ya like my site, go to's list, find ShadowCat's Capoeira Page, and vote for it!
I should be writing a philosophy paper on the nature of existence and realism... instead I put up a new section, called "Exercises" - woohoo! It's just a start; more will go up there once I can remember what exercises we have done  :-p
Okay, so that was more than a few days! sorry again. But I've done some major work this time - I condensed my capoeira journal into quarterly sections containing only the more interesting stuff. Also, I'm going to be posting my physics of musical sound project on the history and physics of the berimbau: should be real interesting, so stay tuned for that! There's another section in the works as well...
10/6/02 - Apologies :-p

Oops, so I haven't updated this site in a few months... been too busy actually training to write about it and post it up here! Sorry bout that. Hopefully I'll have some time to update in the next few days...

Pictures are up!!! :-)
To the left are links to various parts of my capoeira journal, and a short list of links. This site is by no means complete; I've got more links to add, pictures to put up (hopefully!), and stuff to write about. Stay tuned, especially for the pictures ;-)