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Welcome to the Leprechaun's Lair!!!

Each link to the left contains a rich treasury of insight and wisdom.
I hope that you, the reader, can grasp the profundity of my thoughts. These writings will transfigure your view of reality and cause you spend many long, soul-searching nights contemplating the meaning of life.
Enjoy.  ;-)

This nifty little corner over here will be used for updates. So far, all I've got up is the eight or nine pages to the left. That should keep you entertained until I get more stuff up. Stay tuned...
 - mainly because I have a freakin huge project worth 40% of my semester grade due tomorrow, I decided to get the Leprechaun's lair back in business!
 - Punjab's essay is now up in the essays section! Definitely worth a read, go check it out!

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