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The Annoying Page

  • any non-figure skater who sets foot in the center of a public skating session. The most frequent offenders are: 1) people trying to get to their friend on the other side of the rink and are too lazy to just go around like they're supposed to; 2) teenage boys imitating figure skating moves who have no idea how idiotic they look; 3) parents who think it's "safer" to teach their 5-year old how to skate in the center. These 5-year olds seem to have a death wish; they always wobble their way straight towards me while I'm in a camel or sit spin with an EXTENDED SPINNING BLADE.

  • people standing right behind me when I play the piano. I hate the feeling of someone breathing down my neck and watching me play when I can't see them. I can often sense when someone's doing this; it makes me tense up and make mistakes. Exception is if they're there to turn pages.

  • shallow, fake girls with mixed up priorities. The ones who think the most important things in life are shopping at A&F, getting that cute boy to talk to them, and touching up their glitter makeup. They give teen girls a bad name.

  • losing things in extraordinarily frustrating, especially in such a small dorm room - that "but I just saw it!" feeling. I just had to pick up my floor to find my last paycheck. So it got me to clean - I suppose that's a good thing

  • the fact that cinnamon and cherry jelly beans are the exact same color red. I like both flavors, but I dislike putting a jelly bean in my mouth expecting sweet, gentle cherry and biting into sharp cinnamon, and vice versa.

  • being ignored. Like when you have someone who you thought was your friend, and suddenly they act like they couldn't care less about you. It hurts.

  • the fact that I can't do a macaco, back handspring or walkover, or any of that stuff

  • harsh, biting, freezing wind blowing snowflakes into my face. The kind of weather where it's 8 PM and you haven't eaten since yesterday morning, but refuse to walk to the dining hall because you don't want to go outside.

  • one light bulb burning out and leaving us in eternal twilight purgatory, and then the other light bulb giving up and leaving me with only the light from my computer screen.

  • not being able to skate for months... man, I miss it.

  • when you don't put enough energy into a headspring or kip-up and land it flat on your back

  • condescending people. Those of you with the "I know it all and I'm better than you" attitude. You know who you are.

  • unjustified guilt - when you feel guilty somehow for something that wasn't your fault and you couldn't even control. Annoying feeling, and hard to get rid of.

  • saying goodbye...