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You Might Be A Physics Major If...

Author Unknown

you have no life - and you can PROVE it mathematically.

you enjoy pain.

you know vector calculus but you can't remember how to do long division.

you chuckle whenever anyone says "centrifugal force."

you've actually used every single function on your graphing calculator.

it is sunny and 70 degrees outside, and you are working on a computer.

you know how to integrate a chicken and can take the derivative of water.

you think in "math."

you've calculated that the World Series actually diverges.

you can translate English into Binary.

you can't remember what's behind the door in the science building which says "Exit."

you avoid doing anything because you don't want to contribute to the eventual heat-death of the universe.

you consider ANY non-science course "easy."

when your professor asks you where your homework is, you claim to have accidentally determined its momentum so precisely, that according to Heisenberg it could be anywhere in the universe.

you understood more than five of these indicators.

you make a hard copy of this list, and post it on your door.

You might be a physics major if... come up with the "Quantum Laundry" theory to explain why your socks disappear in the dryer - and can make it sound plausible