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Although I believe that all capoeiristas should eventually learn Portuguese and read these texts in their original language, I also believe it important for information about capoeira to be accessible to everyone. My goal in translating this work into English is to enable those capoeiristas who are not yet proficient in Portuguese to read and ponder the words, thoughts, observations, and insights of Mestres and others.
There is naturally some editing involved in the process of translation, but I have tried my best to preserve as much of the original text, wording, and punctuation as possible. E-mail me if you have questions, comments, or corrections on the translation.
I hope these readings help you in your capoeira journey.
Muito axé, camaradas!

Mestre Bola Sete
Mestre Brasilia

Interview (Microsoft Word doc)

Mestre Damião

Short Ginga (Microsoft Word doc)

Luis "Vitor" Castro Junior
Mestre Squisito
Lúcia Palmares
Patricia Morais
Luis Renato Vieira "Carioquinha"
Ronilda Iyakemi Ribeiro
Mestre Decânio

Special Capoeiristas (Microsoft Word doc)

Was Bimba an Angoleiro? (Microsoft Word doc)

Vovô Capoeira (Microsoft Word doc)